About Bodhi Bee Farms LLC

Do no harm: "As a bee gathers honey from the flower without injuring its color or fragrance, even so, the sage goes on his alms-round in the village". Pupphavagga Sutta Verse 49

Welcome to Bodhi Bee Farms LLC.

bodhibeefarms.com is a website, designed for informational and entertainment purposes only. We offer links and information for your consideration. Your use of such information is solely your responsibility. We do not sell products and services from this site. We sell Honey, Honey Bees, and other Services directly to our friends and clients per James City County Ordinances and Virginia Law. Contact us through our contact us page for more details.

A Little About Bodhi Bee Farms

Bodhi- Sanskrit /Pali word meaning Awake or Enlightened, by extension to be Aware or Mindful.

Our Philosophy of Eco-Librium

What is Eco- Librium? Our concept of an Ecosystem is in a state of balance or equilibrium. Natural Ecosystems are healthiest when they are in balance. The root of equilibrium is the Latin libra, meaning balance. Libra symbolizes fairness, equality, and justice. At Bodhi Bee Farms, we strive for the balance that leads to well-being, not just for us but also for you.

What does that mean for you?

o It means we offer products and services that are in balance with the local environment. Balancing the needs of the Bees, the flora and fauna around them, and ourselves.

o It means we offer products from beekeepers and suppliers that are in balance with the environment.

o The bees we sell either come from our own yards or from Beekeeping operations that we have fully vetted as having the best standards for healthy and productive bees.

o The Honey produced by our bees comes from right here in “The Burg”. We ensure it is always natural, clean, chemical-free, and safe.

o While honey production is seasonal and dependent on many variables, we may offer products in support of featured Apiarists and their beekeeping operations, who we feel represent our values, mission, and philosophy to bring to you and our community a greater opportunity to enjoy the sweet taste of enlightenment.

o It means when our honey is local seasonally available, it benefits you with local pollen content.

o It means the Bees we have come from our own apiaries or from Beekeeping operations like our own, which have the highest standards. We stand behind the quality of the bees we sell.

o It means we are local so; you know who they came from.

We are a small family-owned local business. We moved to Williamsburg a few years ago from Chesapeake. We quickly fell in love with this community, and it has embraced us from the start. We started this business as a sideline born of our passion for Nature and well-being, and now we want to share that passion with our fellow Williamsburg area Friends.

What is it all about?

We are building a local micro-farm-styled business. We want to share what we have learned and learn what others have to share. We desire to help and teach in a community of like-minded people who enjoy Beekeeping, Raising Chickens, Growing Gardens, and so much more.

Volunteerism: We are active members of this community, volunteering in local clubs, charities, and events. We do our best to help and advise anyone who wants to know more about Bees, Plants, Herbs, Gardening, and well-being. If your club, organization, or community is interested in how we might help feel free to reach out to us on our Contact Us page.

We hope you will find our business and our website enlightening.

Bodhi Bee Farms LLC